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Rookie on the beach at sunset (lots of pics)

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We spend a lot of our play time in the woods or at the lake so we don't get to the beach very often. But... my sister has an off-season beach rental in NH this fall, so we went to visit. The light was just gorgeous this afternoon.


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Wonderful pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the close up trotting one, looks like a calendar shot!
I wish I could get better close ups of him, but they always end up looking like this:


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Stunning pictures. That late afternoon sun makes the beach look like a mirror. Makes for double the Rookie. How can you go wrong with that?
Gorgeous pictures!!! I love the reflection off of the sand - what camera do you use?
Nothing special about the camera... we just happened to be there at that magic time of day when the light was perfect.
Just beautiful.
Those are wonderful! I'm with ACC, the close up trotting one is stunning!
Great pictures I too love the reflection in the sand....
Wow!!!! Stunning pics!! The lighting was perfect and made such peaceful shots!
Rookie makes a very handsome model in a lovely setting. Your photos are wonderful!
I love the ones where his image is captured in the water too. Great shots and a beautiful subject.
Gorgeous pictures! Looks like he's walking on a mirror! Very beautiful!
Those are so great! Beautiful beach + beautiful dog = perfect afernoon.
The sand is like glass, these are perfect. He reminds me of my Noah...the I gota itch it typical golden.

Beautiful color.
Stunning pictures, the colors really are beautiful. I am with the others who like the trotting picture!
Fantastic pictures. Rookie looks wonderful.
Great pics of Rookie! The light is perfect and I love the reflection in the sand.
Truely gorgeous photos!! Bet Rookie had the time of his life running up and down in the surf! Wish we had beaches like that anywhere around here lol!!
I am soooooooo jealous! Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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