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I just wanted to give you guys a quick review on the new Slush Combat Suit by Hurtta that we just got for Twinkie.

This is a Rain / Snow / Slush / Mud Suit for your best friend. We got it for the long walks we take when it's bad weather to keep Twinkie mostly dry and clean.

20140629_112145 by basketballmail2, on Flickr

It works very well, Twinkie doesn't mind wearing it at all, and it keeps him around 90% dry. The obvious areas they still get wet are their feet, head, butt and a small part of the belly where the openings are to go to the bathroom. But there is plenty of space do do that for both girls and boys. And he still can run around like crazy. :)

The Suit seems very sturdy, they material is really nice quality, it is light and doesn't feel cheap at all. The stitching as well as the zipper are very nicely done.

This is our first clothing item for Twinkie and the first by Hurtta, but from reading around on the net they seemed to be really good.

Well that is enough of me talking about it just wanted to give my input in case someone else is also looking for something similar for their loved ones. If anyone wants more pics feel free to ask and I can get you some.

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