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Hello GRF, it's been a long time since I've posted anything. Sorry for being inactive but I hope there's someone who can help me understand what's normal, and what I should be worried about.

Kazuyoshi's now 4 years old and he's such a treat in our lives. We've noticed for quite awhile now (over a year) that his breathing pattern seems irregular at rest. While lying on our chest, or just on the bed (bed dog hog) his breathing pattern becomes shallow and quick. Sometimes his nose whistles and we think other times he's wheezing. My background is a "human" respiratory therapist so of course I whip out my stethoscope and auscultate him. Overall he's pretty clear with no expiratory wheezing but we do notice his nose whistles. He has no upper respiratory tract obstructions of any kind. The veterinarians (two opinions) said it's nothing to worry about but I beg the differ.

Our other golden (two years old - Oliver) who we rescued from an abusive family - shows no signs or symptoms like his big brother.

Should this be a concern? Are we over reacting to nothing? Please tell me your experience with your loving furry babies.

Mahalo, and Aloha.

T/J & Kazuyoshi
Serious Kazuyoshi by Travis, on Flickr
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