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From another forum

OMG - 14 Rescue Dogs Stolen - TN
Hello all,
At 3:30 am this morning, two men broke into one of our Pilots N Paws rescue
members Doggie Care Center in Johnson City, TN. This is where our friend
and fellow rescue person, Tammara Josselyn, keeps all the rescue animals
she takes in, nurses back to health, and finds loving homes for.

Three of the dogs taken were personal pets. The men stole a total of 14
dogs...12 rescue dobermans in various stages of care, one lab, one minpin
and one mixed breed though that one was located in the woods behind the
center. One of the dobermans needs pancreas meds to be able to digest any
food, one of the younger females was recovering from someone tossing her
off a bridge, another dog has been blind since birth, and the list goes on.

Her niece lives in an apartment above the center and when the dogs would
not stop barking, she came down to investigate. One of the men dropped the
dog and came after her with a knife and cut her side. She is ok, just
needed some sutures, but emotionally distraught.

Early in the day a man came in asking if she sold dobermans. She told him
no, this is a rescue and if he was interested, please fill out an adoption
form. They believe he was casing the place.

Please spread the word to your friends, your group lists, everywhere you
can. Here is the email and phone contact for Canine Hope Rescue though
please use discretion when contacting them as I imagine they are bing
inundated with emails and phone calls.

Please contact Tammara at [email protected] or call her 423 773
8113 immediately if you have any information or contacts who can assist.
Tammara needs our help, she is devastated and only wants these dogs back.
Through our vast network, I am hopeful we can do just that.

Thank you in advance,
Debi Boies
Co-founder, Pilots N Paws

Link to initial news story:

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That is just terrible. I hope they find the dogs safe and sound. Thank goodness her niece is ok.

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If anyone is on other sites where you can cross post or has TN connections, please spread the word on these dogs.

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Update on these still missing dogs... inc. pics.

From: Rosalie Landt [[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 10:22 AM
Subject: TEAM: Summary of TN Rescue Dogs Stolen...Please Help!

Dear Friends
By now most of you have probably received word that 13 rescue dogs were stolen out of Tennessee from Canine Hope All Breed Rescue. I have been in touch with Tammara Jossely, their Rescue Director and she has provided me with a .pdf file with pictures and brief summary of each dog that is missing. Some of the dogs are being treated for medical issues so it is critical that we as a strong and large rescue network help pass the word so these dogs can be found! There is also info on her website above.

  • The original number was 14 but that was an error as they counted one dog twice.
  • Two of the dogs taken belonged to her niece
  • Most are Doberman's there is also a lab, a miniature pinscher and a german shepherd
  • All have distinct characteristics that Tammara shares in the .pdf file
PLEASE crosspost this, put in on your Facebook pages, if you use Twitter, Tweet it, send it to veterinarians, shelters, dog pounds. Some of these dogs could have been taken out of TN. Let's help FIND these poor babies and hope that those that took them get caught and punished.

Is there anyone that could help get this on national news networks? What a great way to help get these dogs found. If you know of other Doberman rescues please pass this on to them as well.

Thank you everyone.


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Larry Powell's blog ( today had a mention of this dognapping. He made a good point that I will quote below:
A BREAK-IN AND THEFT IN TENNESSEE: We mention this because, frankly, in the age of superhighways and villains, you never know whether a dog stolen in Tennessee can wind up at a flea market in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi or lord knows where.

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OMG... look at the twist of events here. I can't believe it. And am still very worried about WHERE are these dogs.

Received via email:

First, let me thank ALL of you for coming together, networking and working
towards finding these missing dogs, I am very proud to be a part of the
rescue community. In case you are unaware, the niece involved with this
case has been arrested for a false report. Unfortunately, the directors of
Canine Hope Rescue are facing animal abuse charges.

The fact remains that 13 dogs are still missing. Unfortunately, the niece
lied about "how" they disappeared. The media's language disregards that
fact, saying the story was "made up". Yes, the way they disappeared was
made up but the fact that they disappeared is still a fact! Many believe
that the niece knows what happened to the dogs. Hopefully, she will come
forward with the remainder of the truth if she does know.

Regarding the animal abuse charges. From what I am told, there were new
rescue dogs in the facility and yes, some were in need of care. Most dogs
who enter rescue are. I was not there, none of us were there, so I choose
to not rush to judgement. The truth will come out in time. Keep in mind,
that Canine Hope Rescue is a group that many many of us have worked with
for several years now. Rarely does a rescue group who are abusive stay in
business. Our pilots have flown some of the dogs from this rescue. All have
reported that the animals were on their way to healing.

I have been in contact with the TN state representative of the HSUS. She
called me yesterday, offering assistance. She knows about these charges and
her focus remains on finding the missing dogs. As has been stated here,
other dogs have in fact been stolen from shelters not that far away. I was
told by the state rep that animal theft has been rampant in TN. So, where
are the missing dogs? And who will take the dogs that were confiscated
today and sent back to the shelter, many who have been there before?

Just devastating on so many levels. Please continue to focus on finding
these animals and if anyone has room to take in the animals who were
confiscated today, please get in touch with the Johnson City Shelter.
Hannah is the rescue representative there.

Thank you all again for working so hard to locate these dogs.

Co-founder, Pilots N Paws
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