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Hello, wasn't sure the best topic to place this under, but was looking for recommendations for reputable dog sitters. We just got our golden pup, Bogey, in April and have an out of state wedding to attend end of August, still plenty of time until then but wanted to start our search now. We unfortunately don't have family in the area, local friends have little dog experience, and we aren't comfortable with a kennel business. We'd prefer to find a home of dog lovers and someone we can trust and return to so our pup is comfortable with them as well. I've heard some breeders will even watch pups, but our breeder isn't local and was not sure that other breeders will watch pups that didn't come from one of their litters.

Curious if anyone knows of reputable dog sitters in the Dallas area, or is able to point me to some good resources to find them or even tips in searching.

thanks, any help is appreciated!

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I would ask your Breeder if she would watch your pup for you while you're away at the Wedding.

Ask a friend or family member, check with your Vet clinic to see if they have recommend anyone.
My Vet clinic has a Vet Tech that will watch client's animals for them.

There is a local neighborhood site called Nextdoor.
I belong to the one in my area.

People ask for recommendations for Contractors, Vets, restaurants, all kinds of things.
A reliable pet sitter was asked on the Group I belong to.

The recommendations in my local area are from people that have used a particular person.
I've gotten several great referrals.
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