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Reputable breeders in or near to Southeastern PA

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I have decided to get a Golden Retriever as a family pet, it will be my first dog.
I am having a hard time finding a puppy! Can you please suggest some reputable breeders in Southeastern PA and nearby (NJ,MD,DE)?
I am not interested in sporting, I am just looking for a healthy pet coming from a humane breeder.
I have already contacted the Lenape Golden Retriever Club but they didn't provide any lead, saying to check later.
I am also wondering if pedigree is important for a family pet - I guess it is important that the parents have a complete health screen?
In this case, do you think it's a bad idea to buy from a backyard breeder?
Thank you for your suggestions - I am really a novice!
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I can’t answer about PA breeders, but I encourage you to read these blog articles on why to choose an ethical breeder

One of the questions you asked, “Is pedigree important for a family pet?” I would argue thag getting a Golden from a reputable breeder is the most important for a family pet. These breeders breed dogs to a standard that describes temperament above all else. The reputable breeder can pick out the puppy in the litter that will best fit your lifestyle.

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Welcome to the forum! There is TONS of good information here so I encourage you to spend some time here and make good use of the search function to find existing threads. You could start with searching on "breeders PA" (or whatever states you are willing to drive to) to see what breeders have been recommended (or warned away from) before. Be aware that puppies are in high demand now and many/most reputable breeders have either closed their wait lists or have promised their puppies well into 2022. Be patient and use this time to research and find a few good breeders and get on their list (or at least follow them on Facebook so you know when their waitlist will reopen). I promise that getting a puppy from a reputable breeder is worth the wait!

In the meantime, here are some resources to get your research off to a good start:

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