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Remy from the last month (lots of pics)

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Here are some random pictures of Rembrandt from all over. My friends all make fun of me for the amount of pictures i have of him but they aren't dog owners ;)

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I love the one of Remy staring at his teddy bear. Not quite sure what is going thru his mind on that one. Remy is a gorgeous boy.
He is just darling. Very cute pics and thanks for sharing!
wow, he looks so much like my last dog Frobisher....he was an inuit sled dog, had larger ears and bigger tail, but the colours are very similar...thanks for the photos, made my heart warm (and brought a few tears to my eyes) to "see" my baby in those pictures.

Remy is a cute little guy. I don't blame you a bit for keeping that camera handy.
He's adorable! I would take tons of pictures of him too!
Remy is gorgeous! Great pics!
Wow, he is adorable! I was expecting a Golden but he looks like a Shepherd Lab gorgeous!!!! he has similar colors to my GSD.
Beautiful pup! I just love the 6th picture! Adorable!
What a cutie!!!
He looks just like my old boy Toke (yes, it was the 80's) :)
Keep the pics coming!
Thanks for all the compliments. I'll definitely be posting more pics in the near future
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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