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On the earlier years. I do this a lot now :p: Anyway, ran across this picture, what a great expression...


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Awww what a pretty Daisy girl!!
:) I feel like she's looking right through me. Haha, maybe she is!
What a great picture of Daisy. She is a beautiful girl. The time goes way too fast!!!
What a beautiful expression - eyes and face that just melt your heart
Over the years you have had some beautiful pictures of Daisy posted.
Goldensmum stole what I was going to say, such soulful eyes that just melts my heart. What a shot!
Beautiful Daisy. She looks wise beyond her years. Love that shot.
That face is gorgeous, how can you not love it ?!?!
Love that pic JoEllen! But.. I like ALL of your photos. :p:

Daisy is just a knockout!
she's such a noble-looking soul :)
Daisy is a darlin girl, Jo!
Thank you everyone -- and thank you, Debles for pulling this back up so I could see her picture again, cheered me right up!

She's such a serious dog. And I love her confidence! :)
Daisy !
Almost missed your so lovely picture
I've been such a basket case lately ...
But still think your Mom doesn't post enough pics of you ;)

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I bet that's the same stare she gives a fish before she goes after it.
Singularly focused and meaning business. :)
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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