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Remembering Trapper

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Trapper ( ° 25/02/93 - + 14/05/09)

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He was beautiful!! And 16 years of sharing your life was a precious thing.

I am so sorry to hear you lost him.
: (
They are a great joy when we have them, unconditional everything, and a tremendous loss when they go. Hang onto those happy golden moments and memories. They given them to you to hold near your heart, so on those days you remember…you smile as well.
I am sorry about your loss. Trapper looked to be a very pretty dog.
I'm so sorry you lost Trapper. 16 years together must have created a very strong wonderful bond.
I hope our pain eases and you can remember the joyful moments without so much pain. It sure hurts when we lose them.


Godspeed sweet boy!
You will see your family at the Rainbow Bridge.
16 years of many memories, hang on to them, for they will make you smile and laugh.

Trapper was a beautiful boy, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
So sorry for your loss.
I am so sorry. How wonderful you had him for 16 years! I know losing them no matter how long is painful and heartbreaking.
Am so sorry for your loss of Trapper - 16 years together will have left you with many happy memories, and when you feel able maybe you would tell us more about your lovely boy

Run free and sleep softly Trapper
God speed Trapper 16 years, a good long life but it doesnt make it any easier my thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
Having had lost 3 dogs myself, i can imagine what you must be going through. Trapper was quite the looker. RIP Trapper.
16+ Years! You done good! No aches and pains of old bones for you Trapper. Find my old man Jake - he'll tell you where they hide the best tennis balls!

My condolences - have been in your shoes. They never live long enough and take a piece of our hearts with them when they leave us.
So sorry for the loss of your sweet Trapper. What a beautiful golden....
Play Hard Sweet Boy ~ Godspeed & Love

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What a handsome ole gent. How blessed you were to have him for over 16 years.... I know the heartache is just as raw no matter the age though. Godspeed Trapper, and many hugs and prayers to you. Thank you for sharing his picture, and I hope you stick around and honor him by sharing his life with us.
Just bring you a hugh here Trapper. I miss you so much
Trapper will always be alive in your heart.
I am so sorry for your loss of Trapper. He is a gorgeous boy. You were so blessed to have him for 16 years. May all the memories of those years help you thru this sad time.
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