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Sorry to be another one of these posts, but since all of you were so great in the other post, I thought I would try it. My husband and I are struggling with this.

We have to add in the breeder name, but we wanted something in respect that she was the only female of her litter of 7. And Dakota can be in the name, but not a requirement. Her parents are Archie and Dory. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Sorry, to post and run, but we are taking Dakota to puppy training.

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"Hometown's One Lucky Lady"
"Hometown's One Santee Lady" (see below)

n. pl. Dakota or Da·ko·tas
1. a. Any of the Sioux peoples, especially any of the peoples of the Santee branch.
b. A member of a Sioux people, especially a Santee.

2. The Siouan language of the Dakota, especially the dialect of the Santee.

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Dakota is derived from the Sioux Indian tribes. Dakotas are any of the Sioux people (especially the Santees) or the dialect spoken by the Santees.

Hometown's Lone Squaw of Santee
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