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I think we've masted the recall. :wavey:

My good friends have 2 german shepard mix puppies about 10 months old so I always bring Brutus with me when I visit. When they're together, I swear it's the 3 musketeers. They get into everything.
I usually let him in the house and straight out the back or else they go wild right in the living room but they are putting an addition the back of their house so the back door is off limits. So we have to take them out the front door and around through the front gate to the backyard. They have had no problems doing this before.
HOWEVER, on this particular day, we opened to the front door and Brutus and one of the shepards (Comet) took off on a full speed sprint down the sidewalk!! :doh::doh::doh:
By the time I stepped out onto the porch they were about 1/4 of a mile down the road. I ran out to the driveway, took a deep breath and yelled at the top of my lungs "BRUUUTUUS!!!" Guess what my big boy did???!!!
Brutus stopped mid sprint, turned around. I immediately yelled "COME!" and he ran, same speed all the way back...right into my arms!!!!! In which, at that time I drowned him with love!! I was so proud of him I could've cried.
Comet followed him back so they're safe and sound.

All that work does pay off!! ...Now we just have to work on the bolting out the front door part. At least they took the sidewalk haha.
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