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So it started 5 days into his neuter when he still had his stitches in. I would consider him completely housebroken before that.

The first couple of days he was drinking twice as much water as he usually does which worried me but it went away, but then he's been peeing EVERYWHERE.

Usually during one walk he pees 2-3 times but now he pees 5-6 times, and sometimes I don't even see any pee come out. It's like he really wants to pee but there is none?????

1.5 hours after his walk he peed in the house and 15 minutes after that he peed again. The puddles aren't even big and it's almost like he just really wants to pee all the time even if there isn't any pee.

Is this a result of the neuter/should I get it checked out?
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