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Reactive dog advice

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Well we had a bad experience today, im upset and Tucker knows it. A met a person who had a lab. Denver met him before and hit it off playing. This lab is 6 or 7 month old super close to Tuckers age. So his name is Charlie. We went on a walk, i was walking Denver someone else was walking Tucker(before this i took him on a 10 minute walk to get him started). Charlie walked around the corner and gently met Denver, meanwhile Tucker started barking, lunging and trying to bite Charlie. Then he started trying to do it to a kid near the park. He was walked to the other side of the street until we got home... We told him no tried pulling him away, redirecting him. It didnt work... We are going to call up the trainer we use, but i cant do reactive dogs. I cant we go camping and are always traveling, hiking, walking, outside in the summer. I just dont know what to do? What do orhers do with reactive dogs. At this point im lost at what to do. We have never once had a reactive dog.
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I'm thanking @SRW again for the heeling stick. I'm glad I bought one - mostly for the coyotes. For the last couple of days, it's been so hot I have been going to the field at 4.30am and I have finally seen them.. I heard one cat has fallen victime to them 😬

Generally here, everyone seems to be at great pains to avoid each other - I cannot stress how thoughtful that is. Another person who comes from Ohio mentioned to me that here people tend to do that "avoiding thing" alot more than back where she's from. Most dogs seem relatively well behaved here. Wish we could import that mentality back to where I come from in France - people generally don't go out too much for walks with their dogs because they have their huge gardens but when they do, some of them are really a big pain in the butt forcing their dogs onto you..
I love heeling sticks, for coyote protection i bring them when i go hunting.. We had coyotes litterally behind our corner neighbors house last night.
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