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So I have read through several threads on raw feeding, but just couldn't seem to find exactly what i am looking for.

When we bring our puppy home, we will be most definitely feeding a raw diet. We want to start out with pre-made raw for simplicity sake, and will likely continue that for quite some time but slowly integrate homemade for cost effectiveness, and for when we have a little more time on our hands.

So for the pre made, we can trust that it is balanced and do not have to stress too much about that. My concern with patties is that, despite there being small chunks of bones in the actual patty, there won't be that chewing action that you get with raw meaty bones that contribute to healthy and clean teeth. Is this a valid concern? That (other than cost) is the reason that we would like to integrate homemade raw (as part of the diet in combination with the patties) where we will have about half the diet of raw meaty bones, and the other half with ground meat (a variety of course), organs, muscle meat, veggies, fruit, eggs, etc.
We were originally thinking we would do patties for a meal, and then give a raw meaty bone (such as a chicken back) for another meal. Then I did some more research and concluded that the calcium would then be out of whack as there would be bone in the patty and also some calcium intake from the RMB. Is my logic here correct?
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