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Ralph is a perfect example of the outward signs of untreated hypothyroidism in Goldens. Ralph was found as a stray and brought to a large animal shelter. The staff at the shelter saw that;he was a senior dog and would need more medical attention than they were able to provide. YGRR was called and asked for assistance. The staff at the shelter reported that Ralph had a few seizures while at their facility which would also fit with a profile of untreated hypothyroidism. Ralph was brought into the program and given a complete diagnostic workup. The lack of coat and tail feathers were also signs of hypothyroidism. This diagnosis was confirmed when the results of Ralph's bloodwork were returned from the lab.
Ralph came to Riverview to rest and recuperate from his ordeal and began taking two soloxine pills a day to treat his thyroid issues. Gradually, his seizures diminished, his coat became more healthy and his tail feathers began to grow again! A repeat adopter looking for a senior Golden was called to meet Ralph. She immediately recognized that Ralph was a very sweet Golden boy who just wanted to sit next to her and be patted! Ralph went to his new home and his adopter has already called to say that the match was absolutely perfect! She couldn't be happier to have Ralph--and we suspect Ralph is a pretty happy boy, too!
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