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Quick UKC Rally brag for the girls!

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The Golden girls had another great weekend.

We competed in UKC Rally for our second weekend and both girls qualified each trial, so they started and finished their U-RO2's!

Aubrie scored 91 (and I lost 3 points by forgetting a halt after a finish!), 96, and 94.
Layla scored 94 (I lost 3 points AGAIN by forgetting the same stupid halt! ugh! lol), 97, and 100!!! Layla won 3rd, 3rd, and 2nd place respectively (winning on time for the latter 2 placements).

Layla and I won High Scoring Junior Handler every trial this weekend.

I'm hoping this will be good practice for AKC trials this fall. :)

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you go girl!!! get 'em!
BTW, UKC rally is no easier than AKC rally is, so you'll be a star in AKC, too!
Congrats Emily!!! Way to go get em today! Show some pics if you have time! =]
Awesome! Congratulations!
Thanks so much everyone! I was very honored (and even a bit embarrassed) when the judge said Layla and my "100" run was one of her favorites of the weekend as she was announcing High Scoring Junior Handler yesterday. :eek:

And actually, I started AKC Rally last year. ;) Aubrie's working on her RAE and Layla has 1 RN leg from August (we only competed once).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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