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questions about puppy diarrhea & food

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Duffy is 12 weeks old.

One week ago, I began the switchover from Purina One large breed puppy food to Blue Buffalo large breed puppy. For one week, I was feeding Duffy 1/4 BB and 3/4 Purina. Everything was going well.

Then last night he had diarrhea in his crate and then another runny bm outside in the morning.

My question is - do I assume it is the food? I plan on giving him plain boiled rice for lunch today and let his tummy settle. How do I know if its the BB food, though? Since I have been transitioning with 1/4 to 3/4 for a week, I was planning on starting 1/2 and 1/2 today for a week.

Now I'm no sure if I should?

Is there another dog food I should switch to or should I continue trying the BB? I don't know how long you would give a food before you would switch, or if it was the food, would he have had diarrhea right off and not a week later?

Sorry so many questions!

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It sounds like the BB might be alittle rich for him. I know that you are wanting to find something better for him, but until he gets well, I would keep him on the Purina One. Sometimes I think switching them over when they are so young is too hard on their system. If the Purina One works I would stick with it. If the diarrhea doesnt get better take a stool sample to the vet to make sure he doesnt have anything else like coccidia or anything else going on.
Since he has diarrhea make sure he has enough water because little ones can become dehydrated so easy. If he doesnt want to drink put alittle of chicken broth in the water or give him a ice cube to lick.
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