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Question on crate-training...

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I was just wondering if it's important to use the same crate, or if it's okay to have a few different ones in different places, as long as they have familiar comfy stuff in them?
We have a HUGE crate that we've partitioned off for these beginning stages, and the idea of lugging that thing up and down the stairs and over to my mother's house (on days that noone is home at my house) is less than appealing. I've gotten a smaller one to leave at my mother's and yet another that I was thinking about keeping downstairs just for bedtime and the large one upstairs for the times when we can't keep a direct eye on him but we're home.
Would this be too stressful?
Should I just use the smaller one for all of these places and then switch him over to the larger crate later on if it's still necessary to crate him when he doesn't fit in the smaller one?
Thanks guys!
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Absolutely use more than one crate. We do. We have one in my home office where Tucker spends most of the day while I'm working and one in the living room. We have blankets in each one. It won't cause any stress at all. Just make the crates fun places to be by putting some toys in there and even feed in the crate.
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