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question about xrays

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I'm going to have Caleb neutered fairly soon and I was thinking about having xrays done of his hips at the same time. Just to check them out and make sure they're in good shape. Both his parents have excellent hips but Caleb's back end is too straight (not enough angulation) and he has a major wiggle butt when he walks. The wiggle goes away at a brisk walk. And a couple times after playing hard, he's had a bit of a limp.

I got a price estimate from the vet and xrays will cost an extra $200 on top of the $400 we'll already be spending for the surgery plus bloodwork and microchipping. That just doesn't fit into our budget right now. So my question is, do you think xrays are worth it? Or am I just being a worrywort? I could put it off and save up for it but I would prefer to get him neutered sooner rather than later and I'd rather not have him sedated (or anesthetized or whatever it is that they do) any more than necessary.
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I don't know if it's just the different parts of the country that we live in or what, but $400 for neutering and microchip sound outrageous to me!

I would say x-rays probably aren't necessary at this time. If you don't breed or compete, and your breeder doesn't require the info, there wouldn't be much to gain at this time. Even if something did show up on the x-rays, your dog doesn't seem to be showing any symptoms of pain, so nothing would probably be done other than keeping an extra eye on him.
I wouldn't bother with the x-rays or the blood work before they put him under. You can always x-ray him later. Work with him in the meantime on laying him flat on his back and play with his legs. If the dog is well behaved and does not struggle there is no need to sedate them when taking the x-rays. Also, $400 sounds very very high for a nueter I can spay for almost half of that. Perhaps shop around a little microchipping is also something that should not cost a lot.
My vet charges a $100 for the chip. It's very high, but I really like him and know that he has to make money somewhere.

And my vet keeps the boys overnight after neutering - girls stay for 2-3 nights. The idea is that most postop problems show up in the first 24-48 hours and they are more likely to catch the problems early. I like the idea of not having to take them back in. The girls are on pain meds for the first 48 hrs, which I appreciate. They are eating and pooping before before they come home.

And we do the bloodwork too.

I know that not everyone will agree with this, but he has done four of our dogs and three of our cats. They all did great. They love going to the vet.

I am also a nurse, so the way our vet treats our fur kids fits in with what I consider good medical practice.
Thanks for the replies. :)

Here's what the breakdown I got from the vet. Let me know if it sounds outrageous to you.
- $208 - neutering base price
- $81 - lab fees for bloodwork (recommended)
- $61 - IV (recommended)
- $73 - mircochip

If that sounds expensive, I can do some comparison shopping with the other good vets in town.

Ash, I love the idea of training him to lie still for xrays should I wish to have them done some time in the future. Thank you.
I have not heard of a dog needing IV either. Strange. Yes, just treat it as another obedience exercise. Thats what I do right from babies.. lay them down and work on stay. Its amazing how many dogs will struggle ecspecially being laid down on the table. The prices vary from area to area but I would call around :) Good luck.
prices for spays and neuters have gone up. With a young healthy dog I don't bother with all the extras....of fluids,bloodwork etc, with my older girls I does not cost $73 for a chip, that imo is highway robbery, i just paid about 100 for 6 chips & my vet will insert them when they come to do their shots, it really is a simple procedure!!!!!!! I wouldn't bother pulling hip rads at this time, what is it going to benefit? If you are questioning the cost of the rads , could you afford surgery if it showed that was needed? If I had a dog come up mild or even moderately dysplastic, I would modify, activity/exercise and just deal on a daily basis ....but that is just me ....I think vets are out to gouge in many cases!
I think vets are out to gouge in many cases!
I'll second that anyday of the week. I give one of my clients heck for all the extras and this and that they do for NOTHING!!!! Drives me crazy.
If you are questioning the cost of the rads , could you afford surgery if it showed that was needed?
I have insurance that would cover it, but it doesn't cover elective procedures.

If I had a dog come up mild or even moderately dysplastic, I would modify, activity/exercise and just deal on a daily basis
See, that's my main concern. I want to make sure he's in good condition to go hiking and jogging with me. But maybe I should just keep an eye on him and if he starts to limp or shows signs of pain, deal with it at that point.
How old is Caleb? Often, when they go through that gangley stage, they do move funny.

I'm with the others... I wouldn't bother with xrays. A good vet will rarely sedate for them anymore anyhow. I wish I had done as Ash suggested though and worked with Paige a bit on laying with her belly up on a table... she was one of those many dogs that freaked (I think she thought they were going to drop her off the table or something).

In all honesty, if Caleb is simply a pet and not a performance dog, there is nothing to be gained by doing xrays. Even if he is dysplastic, unless he's lame, there isn't much you would do differently. I also think the prelabs aren't needed... not in a young dog, but that's entirely your call. They always recommend them. The IV, I'm assuming that that's for in case your dog has a bleeding disorder or something and bleeds profusely, its easier to find a vein before they're cut open than after. I dont think they put anything in there unless they need to, but it's there if they need it. Being a male though... I cant see that being an issue. I dont know though and certainly am not a vet, so what their reasoning is, I cant be sure but that would be my guess.

I too just bought microchips, and the regular price for the things is like $13 each. My vet will do a free ear tattoo when they're under and does so with EVERY spay/neuter they do. Permanent identification shouldn't cost a whole lot. I *might* pay up to $50 for them to chip my dog, but that's only if for whatever reason, I cant get to it myself. Even then, I'd think it was steep, but they've got to make money too. But no way would I pay $100. That's a bit much. I dont know if that's helpful or not, but good luck with Caleb's surgery. BJ
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Thanks, BJ. Yeah, I think I'll skip the xrays. No use paying a bunch of money if it's not going to make any difference.

How old is Caleb? Often, when they go through that gangley stage, they do move funny.
Caleb will be 2 in January. He's got a really big sway in his walk when he moves slowly. When he picks up the pace, he moves as straight as an arrow.
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