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That is not the mother's birthday- that is the month and year of the issue of the STUD BOOK she was published in...

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I must say,they are gorgeous and the breeder,obviously, thought so,too cos she offered you,a breeding status when you baught them.
If I were you,i would call the breeder and ask her if she would agree to change the papers when they will pass their health clearances.Are you thinking of showing them,either for conformation or work?.
I'm not saying this is the case here, but a lot of "breeders" will offer a full registration at a higher price without considering the quality of the offspring, or say they are breedeable/showable without really knowing how to evaluate a Golden for breeding. I know of one "pin money" breeder who has both AKC and ConKC dogs, doesn't show, has no show experience but for the right price will sell you a show puppy on full registration.

A breeder who sells puppies on a full registration just to get the additional money is neither ethical or responsible.

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If you do decide to breed after clearance...there is still plenty to do before clearances at 2 years....earn a couple of titles!! Obedience, Agility, Hunt or anything else (flyball or freestyle) that shows that your boys have brains as well as beauty!
You will be setting a good example for the buyers of your puppies!

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The only paper i got was the akc dog reg application. Under the dams name is that date and a number sr22416206 (05-07)
Thank you I think they are pretty adorible and smart!
I've never seen animals obey so well without alot of training these guys have been perfect. You say come they come you say lay down they lay down roll over and so forth.

Old Gold is the Best Gold
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Do you have the breeder's phone number? You could find out more about the parents from her, I am sure.

I love those new pics- which one is which?

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No, you cannot change the AKC registration and your dog's breeder sold you a dog on a limited registration for good reason. My golden was also sold to me on limited AKC reg. as well, that is so she can control which dogs are bred; typically your high quality ethical breeders do this.

Breeding Your Golden Retriever

Breeding is not for beginners. It is as hard to do well as it is easy to do. Until you can satisfy the requirements that the serious hobby breeder should meet, as presented in the section of this booklet entitled Choosing A Reputable Breeder, you will be doing the breed an injustice if you have a litter of puppies.

If you think that:
  1. HAVING PUPPIES WOULD BE FUN; it is also very time consuming and demanding. By four weeks of age a Golden litter of eight, twelve or possibly even fourteen puppies is active, dirty, noisy and potentially destructive. Illness or death of the dam or puppies can be expensive, emotional . . . and no fun at all.
  2. IT WOULD BE EDUCATIONAL FOR THE CHILDREN; so would a litter of hamsters. Bitches do not whelp at your convenience, and the children are often in school or in bed at the time of delivery. Care of the pregnant bitch, and properly raising and socializing puppies, is work for a responsible adult.
  3. IT WOULD HELP US GET BACK OUR INVESTMENT; you may find that the rate of return is very low. Stud fee, veterinary fees, advertising, and the daily care and feeding of a litter are very expensive. You may only be able to sell three or four puppies out of a litter of ten or twelve; even experienced breeders sometimes have difficulty selling puppies.
  4. IT WOULD HELP FULFILL THE DOG'S NEEDS; you are anthropomorphizing. While the instinct for procreation is strong, the dog has no conscious knowledge of what it is missing, no regrets and no guilt feelings. Spaying or neutering will remove the instinct and the problems often associated with it, such as wandering and marking. Pregnancy not only contributes nothing to a bitch's health, but sometimes causes problems. A spayed bitch cannot be accidentally bred, and will not be subject to the uterine infections common in older, intact females.
  5. IT WILL IMPROVE THE BITCH'S TEMPERAMENT IF SHE IS BRED; you are wrong. No animal whose temperament needs improving should be bred in the first place, since temperament is most often the result of hereditary factors. And while raising a litter will not only NOT make an improvement in the dam's temperament, it will also probably result in a litter of unsatisfactory puppies who have been imprinted by their unstable dam. There is also the possibility that the bitch will be an unsatisfactory mother, necessitating much more work on your part.

Raising a litter is a demanding project. Do you:
  1. HAVE THE FACILITIES FOR WHELPING AND RAISING A LITTER PROPERLY? You need a warm, quiet, secure area, easily cleaned, for properly confining and caring for a litter of eight, ten or twelve fast-growing puppies while they are with their mother, and a similar, larger area for use after weaning.
  2. HAVE THE TIME TO DEVOTE TO THIS PROJECT? Time to take or send a bitch for breeding, sit up for hours during whelping, and hand-raise the litter if the bitch is unable to? Time to buy and prepare food, feed, and clean up four or five times daily? Time to go to the veterinarian for check-ups, inoculations, and with a sick dam or puppy? Time to scrub floors and pens, clean up feces and urine, and give medication? Time to individually socialize each puppy daily? Time to answer phone calls, talk with prospective buyers, and answer the same questions over and over again? Time for all the paperwork required, including typing accurate pedigrees, health records, care instructions, records of sales, and so on?
  3. HAVE THE MONEY TO PUT INTO THE PROJECT? Can you afford to pay the stud fee, inoculations and veterinary care for the bitch and puppies, as well as other expenses? What if the bitch has problems that necessitate a caesarean section? What if the puppies die? What if the bitch dies, or cannot raise the puppies? Can you afford to feed and provide veterinary care for two or three four-month-old puppies that didn't sell? Can you afford to refund the purchase price on a puppy that proves to be unsound or unsuitable?

Is your dog truly an outstanding representative of the breed? Pretty, friendly and smart is not nearly enough.
  1. TEMPERAMENT. Your dog must be absolutely sound and stable, with a personality and disposition appropriate for the breed. Shyness, aggressiveness, gunshyness, lack of retrieving ability or trainability, and hyperactivity are all reasons not to breed, regardless of other problems.
  2. BREED TYPE AND QUALITY. Your dog must be structurally and functionally sound, with conformation characteristics appropriate for the breed. An experienced, knowledgeable exhibitor/breeder can assist in the evaluation of your dog's adherence to the Breed Standard.
  3. SOUNDNESS. Your dog should be tested free of certain genetic defects, as should the proposed mate. Knowledge of the status of parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. with regard to genetic testing is also desirable. HIPS should be properly X-rayed, and the X-rays submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or PennHIP to be read as free of hip dysplasia. HEARTS should be examined by a board-certified cardiologist. EYES should be examined annually by a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist and be free of hereditary cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, and any other eye anomaly. ELBOWS should be properly X-rayed and the X-rays submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or a board-certified veterinary radiologist, to be read as free of elbow dysplasia.
  1. Any inheritable defects, including but not limited to retained testicles, overshot or undershot jaw, congenital heart defects, recurrent skin problems, thyroid deficiency, immunological problems, orthopedic problems and recurrent seizures or epilepsy occurring in either parent are all reasons not to breed, regardless of other qualities.
    [*]PEDIGREE. A four or five generation pedigree on the proposed litter should be read and interpreted by a person with extensive knowledge of the breed and of the dogs involved. Titles alone are no guarantee of genetic value.
    [*]HEALTH. A breeding animal must be fully mature, in the prime of health, and in lean muscular condition. All inoculations should be up to date, and the animal should be free of both internal and external parasites. Acquired problems such as narrow birth canal from previous injury, canine brucellosis, transmissible venereal tumor, anemia, any disease or infection of the reproductive organs, concurrent diseases of other organ systems, or any contagious diseases are all reasons not to breed.​

If you are thinking of using your male at stud, you are no less responsible for the quality of the litter than the owner of the brood bitch. You have the obligation of thoroughly screening every owner that inquires for stud service and the bitch to be bred; of traveling to and from the airport to pick up and return bitches sent in for breeding; of boarding and caring for bitches that are sent to you; of carrying out the breeding; of supplying pedigrees, photos, and examination reports; and of keeping meticulous records. This is all done as circumstances dictate, and not at your convenience; the weekend away you had planned may well be spent at home looking after a visiting bitch instead.​


If, at this point, you are still considering breeding your dog, VISIT the dog pound, Humane Society or animal shelter in the city nearest you. Ask how many dogs are euthanized monthly, and how many euthanized in the last month were Golden Retrievers.​
I forgot to mention that this came from The Golden Retriever Club of America

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Maizeandblue, your boys are adorable! Both the 4 legged and the 2 legged!

Tahnee and ACC are right. My Jazzy is on a limited registration. I know my breeder would not reverse it. We had discussed this deeply before I purchased Jasmine. He will not sell to anyone except on a limited registration. I don't mind because I don't want to breed (been there - done that) and I just don't have the ambition for the breed ring anymore.

Do a LOT of research and if your breeder is willing to reverse the limited registration maybe you can get him to mentor you through the process. Be aware though - breeding is expensive and if you want to have a litter so the kids can benefit from seeing puppies being born, most of the time the momma dog doesn't adhere to our time tables very well. Only breed if the male and female compliment each other and the only way you will know that is if someone helps you through the process.

BTW - some really nice dogs in your baby's pedigree!

Jazzys Mom

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Here is the moms pedigree what do you think? Also what age is she??

Here is the moms pedigree what do you think?

Report Date: 05/04/2007THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB
@media print { TD.PEDDATA {font-size: 6pt} TD {font-size: 8pt} }
Research Pedigree - 5 GenerationBuddy's '69 Shelby Mustang

Reg Name:Buddy's '69 Shelby MustangReg #:SR224162/06 05-07Breed/Variety:Golden RetrieverBirth Date:11/06/2004Sex:FemaleColors/Markings:Golden Breeder(s):Raeanne Burke/David E Burke II
Buddy's '69 Shelby Mustang
SR224162/06 05-07
Golden Buddy Red Bear
SN661355/04 07-03
Dark Golden Grand River Jumpin Jacks
SN349238/02 08-97
AKC DNA #V102479 Driftwood Z's Lady Charmer
SN156763/05 04-95
Light Golden St Andrew's Timely Rhythm CD
SN058767/10 05-94
Golden CH Mardovar's Times Square
SF637167 12-90
OFA25F St Andrew's Indian Summer JH
SF704416 07-92
OFA24G Driftwood Catering Cutie
SM834434/06 07-94
Light Golden
OFA25G CH Malagold Constant Charmer UD
SE302493 01-88
OFA85G Daystar's Hopeless Flirt CD
SF315749 05-91
Light Golden
OFA25F Wolcott Brandy Babe
SN063111/02 08-96
OFA31G Molson Golden Canadian III
SF036786 02-92
Light Golden
OFA29G Marquis Michelob De Lite
SD687254 05-84
Light Golden
OFA28 Yeller's Mark
SD957429 03-87
OFA43F Our Lady Of Wolcott Farm
SM750908/01 08-93
Golden Moribrook's Joshua At Janlar CDX TD
SE905788 03-88
OFA32G Ginger Lea V
SE395257 08-87
Golden Windpoint Tahoe Burkekeeper
SN524228/05 10-99
Dark Golden Raven's Master Mitchell
SN375224/03 05-98
Light Golden Sir Dallas Of Shiloh
SM921708/02 03-94
OFA28F Moribrook's Joshua At Janlar CDX TD
SE905788 03-88
OFA32G Gambrel's Macatawa Cricket
SD938359 01-87
OFA41F Culpepper's Katie Skylark
SN079171/05 10-95
Light Golden Big Jake XXVIII
SF457699 02-93
Light Golden Brandy Wine Farrell
SF884318 10-93
OFA45G Brandy Lynn Longhaven
SN243048/04 05-98
Dark Golden Ranger Sabastian Gayhaven
SF758267 09-92
Dark Golden
OFA25G OFEL25 Adams Sabastian Gayhaven
SF287356 05-90
Dark Golden
OFA99F Bennington Hills Hannah
SF153053 05-90
Golden Asalena
SN003897/03 07-95
Dark Golden
OFA32G Oliver-Shane-Toby-Whipple
SE828363 07-90
Golden Missy's Alexandra
SM855512/05 02-93
Golden Brantons Sadie Joy
SN752873/09 07-03
Golden Silmaril's Glenmorangie
SN580566/01 06-99 (Canada)
Light Golden
AKC DNA #V74785 Mandingo Sea Cruiser
CKC 1057215 (United Kingdom) Seamourne Seashanty
KCSB 1636CE Glorfindel Secret Potion
KCR N227703N02 Seamourne Solo
KCSB 0670BZ Cedardyne Golden Girl
KCR T2837701T02 Strathearn Top-Notch
KCR Q2962103Q03 Strathearn Victoria
KCR R4109204R04 Fair Lady At Silmaril
CKC AG007630 CH Kyon's For Valour And Victory
SF534303 (Canada)
Golden CH Bachelor Of Rye
SE087102 03-90 (Canada)
Golden Kyon Foot Loose 'N Fancy Free
CKC QU392499 (Canada)
Conversion Default Shaynedoro's Talmi Gold
CKC TL569560 CH Birnam Wood's Douglas Furr
SD391402 04-83
OFA26 Mi Gal Shaynedoro Abbi Matglo
CKC MQ209275 (Canada)
Conversion Default Peaches Joy
SN228286/02 12-96
Golden Collins' Shamrock Shogun
SM989322/10 07-94
OFA31G AKC DNA #V145671 CH Dawnlee's Echo Of Shadowmere
SE800513 11-88
OFA25F CH Birnam Wood's Douglas Furr
SD391402 04-83
OFA26 CH Dawnlee's Goldberrie
SC959575 04-85
OFA38 Crazy Creek's Wyndham
SF535879 10-91
OFA24F CH Birnam Wood's Texas Two Step
SE470624 05-87
OFA24E Sugarbear's Callie Can Do
SE211353 07-89
OFA24F Honey Joy
SN033370/02 05-95
Light Golden
OFA41F Castle Park Oz
SF226758 10-91
OFA34G Jacob Of Oakwood Acres
SD749939 12-86
Golden Peaches Punky Lubben
SE225270 09-88
Golden A Cinnamon Shadow
SM683334/01 03-92
Light Golden Brandon Joe Lee
SF289323 12-89
Golden Maple Sugar Candy III
SF385787 12-89

© 2003 American Kennel Club
© 2003 All rights reserved. No material may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from The American Kennel Club, Inc. The AKC has made every effort to insure the accuracy of its information. The information provided is "as is" with all faults and without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. In no event shall American Kennel Club be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, lost profits, or any indirect damages even if AKC has been informed of the possibility thereof.

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Her birthdate is on there...11/6/04. She is about 2 1/2.
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