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Cardboard is your best friend here! If he swallows a little, no big deal, and puppy can chew it (or tear it up) without you needing to worry.
My favorites:
  • empty cardboard Egg Cartons: put kibble in where the eggs were, and close the lid. If this gets too easy for puppy, tape the lid closed. (Blue painter's tape is my go-to, but duct tape and packing tape work too).
  • Toilet Paper/Paper Towel rolls: pinch one end closed, fill with kibble, pinch other end closed. Can mix peanut butter with kibble to make it stick the the tube if you need to make it harder, and can mix with peanut butter, pumpkin, wet food, yogurt, etc and freeze if you need to make it much harder. Similar to stuffing a Kong
  • Not cardboard, but Kongs are the best! there's lots of videos on Youtube of ways to occupy your dog with one.
  • Cardboard boxes: put puppy's dinner in a box and tape it closed. You'd be surprised at how long this takes them to tear a hole big enough to get their head in to the food.
These are puzzles I still use with my 3yr old, but a puppy can manage them, especially if you make them easy at first. You can look up mental enrichment for puppies for more ideas... I find more stuff all the time!
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