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Puppy's first diarrhea

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My 19 week old baby had her first bout of diahreah today. Being a new mom I'm kinda worried.

Suprised normal poop nugget in the house late afternoon. Took her outside and she finished with diarrhea. Fed her an early dinner + rice + chicken. 2 hours later she has mushy poop.

She keeps staring and looking hungry (or uncomfortable). Give her more chicken + rice and some kibble. Took her outside and again mushy poop (but not the squirts , didn't see blood).

So it seems like whatever is in her tummy goes out. Good news is that it's getting more solid, but I still can't help but worry.

She was tested negative for worms 2 weeks ago. She also had her last rabies/parvo at that time too. Yesterday was 2nd day of puppy class so she had some activity there. We also took her to a park and friend's house so eating grass could be involved (although I thought grass = vomit?). The newest thing in her diet was broccoli today and a jerkey treat yesterday.

If it continues tomorrow I will take her to a vet. Any advice would be appreciated, such a worried mommy :confused:

>>Update: woke me up at 4am, took her out more mushy poop. This morning at 730am before breakfast she had another mushy one, now that light was out I could see it was a lighter brown and looked like a layer of mucus. Giving it another meal/poop session before calling vet. Any insight would be appreciated.