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Good Luck! I liked the comment...ya have to start training him like he's an 8 week old for the signals...small body movements are all I get with Tailer...we are very tuned to each others movements!

When I have combed my hair in the morning, just finished braiding it and put the clip on to hold it all together, Tailer's up n dancing to go out...He know's I"M ready! Silly Dog!

Sometimes I wish he would give me a little bark or whine if he has to go...especially if I am sleeping...poor guy has gotten sick (~6x's in 4 years) during the night and goes right to the door...leaving me a package of one kind or another...I'd be happy to go out anytime of the day or night...if I just knew!

Routine, schedule, repetitive habits...that has worked for us!
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