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Puppy with stomach issues?

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Need some quick advice. My mom happens to be puppy sitting while my wife is at pre-school with our 4 year old. She called me in desperation. Apparently Bailey has thrown up two or three times, and had the runs as well. Of course, I can't do anything about it now, I'm stuck at work...but some advice would be nice. How concerned should we be. Most of the vomit seems to be white...which I would guess is some of the cottage cheese we were told to mix in with her food.
Should we back off on this? Should we take her into the vet? I feel terrible, since we haven't seen any of this ourselves and now my mom's stuck with her for a couple hours.
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We've only had her since last Friday. 5 nights.
The first night or two she was not eating all that much...just kind of munching around. Then the next couple nights she was eating really well. Poops were off an on, solid, or soft...but not runny.

Then this morning I took her out before work. She peed fine. I guess all the "fun" starting mid morning today. I can't stand being stuck at work while it all goes down, but hopefully my wife will be home soon to help out.
I really appreciate the info. Even if I can't do anything right now, it always helps me to have some idea as to what the problem might be. It also helps a lot to match up so many of the symptoms with Bailey's condition. Makes me think it might be a match, and that it's treatable and not uncommon.
Well Bailey was diagnosed with Carona (sp?). Does anyone hve any experience with this bug? Orders are to hold off water and food until this evening. If she doesn't get sick in between now and then we can offer her just a little bit. The vet gave her some fluids to help keep her hydrated. Also on an antibiotic.

Semi related. What would be the appropriate protocol for communicating with the breeder. We've had her less than one week.
No, not really meaning it's her fault. Just interested in what most breeders might offer in terms of assistance and of course so that she might be able to keep an eye on the others.

Have you ever had pups with this?
Small update. After not having gotten sick since 10 am, we slowly started giving her a bit of water and food. It's all stayed down/in after a few hours. Once she ate, she went back to her crazy puppy self. Here's hoping the worst is passed.
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