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Our puppy is just about a year old (we'll have to switch forums soon, but this seemed like a puppy question!)

She is PERFECT 95% of the time. She's the sweetest cuddler, patient, quiet, never barks, just wants to participate in all activities etc.

When we take her on walks, she is excellent (never pulls) BUT then suddenly-- as though out of nowhere-- she'll go silly and start jumping up on us vigorously and trying to nip at our gloves etc. It's as if she just gets a crazy burst of energy, out of nowhere. Why does this happen???

It doesn't seem like anything in particular sets her off...she doesn't mind noise or cars or other dogs. Sometimes she'll get upset when someone across the street looks exciting but doesn't come over to pet her (ha!), but we really haven't identified any "triggers".

We usually use a harness or front lead harness.

Once her little tantrum is over, the walk will be great again.
We bring a little spray bottle with water and say "No jumping" calmly-- but sometimes she just thinks it's a game. We always carry a toy, which sometimes can distract her into behaving... but not always!

Anyone else have this problem!? Please tell us your tips!! Thanks!
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