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Puppy stool irregularities and some other questions

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I have a 2 month old puppy and he's been having soft stools since his arrival to our house on friday morning. It is formed well but when i picked it up, it is on the soft side. I thought this may be the adapting to the new environment issue. On saturday evening around 5 pm, he pooped a nice firm stool, so its good. Around 9-10 pm at night, he pooped a soft stool again. The next day (Sunday), he pooped after his breakfast, and it was nice and firm again. He didn't poop at all throughout the day, and pooped a lot after dinner and it was really soft and mushy. I woke up this morning only to find that he poop again beside his crate. Soft side but still has a form. I took him out and he just peed. I put him inside his crate and close the door so I can clean up his mess from last night, and he suddenly poop a really really soft stool.. formed at the beginning and very mushy towards the end.
I've been giving him same food since day 1, I wonder what could have caused this?
Second issues, I noticed he licked his genitals quite a lot, he licks after he peed.. he licks during playing and exercise.. and he licks while he's about to rest/sleep. I know that dogs lick their private part as part of their grooming ritual, but is this normal that he licks that often?
Last question.. about crating dogs. I read that puppy shouldn't be crated for more than 3 hours, what do you guys do when you're sleeping? Do you put them in the crate? as we're sleeping about 6-7 hours..
Right now i make a small barricaded area in my bedroom, but then he make his crate to be the toilet (except this morning he peed and poop beside the crate) :doh:

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The licking is very normal. They do because they can. :p:
LOL, very true!
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