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We LOOOOVE when our friends bring their dogs over! It's a good excuse to see our friends, to play with new dogs AND to have OUR dogs have fun and play!

Yesterday, our friends Lindsay and Joe (married on the same day as us!) came over with their little GSD (15 weeks!) Duke for the first time. Oh my goodness, he was a DOLL. I love his ears. He was so well behaved and VERY people-friendly. Not shy at all. He came right up to Gary and I. He was, however, VERY shy with the dogs. They were the first ones he's ever played with, though, and they can be kind of overwhelming.

It was SUCH a beautiful day out!

We spent about an hour outside first... he was pretty much hanging (hiding) around us the whole time. :curtain:

Then we went in and chatted, the dogs played and he looked a little more comfortable... he even stole a toy or two.

We decided to go BACK outside and he started running around with the dogs and having a great time! They all had a blast!!!

Pretty Max before Duke got there.

Duke LOVED the camera!

At first he wasn't quick enough to get the balls before the others, but he got better the second time we were out.

We want the ball! Ball ball ball!! Ball! Ball ball!!

He WANTED the balls... but he just wasn't brave enough yet. Maxie was grazing on grass during all of this.

He loves his mumma! (Look at those honkin' paws! They were bigger than Mojo's!)


We tried to take a good "group photo" ... but with all the dogs under the age of a YEAR... it wasn't easy.

Take one:

Take two:

Take three:

Take four:

Take five:

Take six:

Take seven:

Take eight:

Take nine:

Run, Lexie! Run!!

Duke and Mojo having guy talk. Talking about chicks, engines and muscles:

Duke REALLY liked Maxie. LOL. He followed her everywhere. But I don't blame him, look at that tail!:

Mojo and Duke roundin' the corner:

The group:

He had SUCH a good time:

Look at those PAWS!:

I LOVE this picture. LMAO. Chain reaction:

PS: Not a mile down the road on the way home, Duke was conked out. Hehehe.

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Looks like everyone had a great time :) I love the group shots. I wish more of my friends had dogs to bring over to the house.

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You can tell how much fun everyone had with the big smiles on all their faces. It is so good to see pups having fun like that.

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what a fun day that looks like - i bet all the puppers were pretty tired after all that

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What fun pictures! I love the outtakes on the group photo. LOL I once had a client that wanted pictures of her and her four dogs which included a terrier, two border collies, and I can't remember now what the other dog was. Needless to say, it was quite a challenge! Especially since there was just her and I and I had to take the pictures. LOL
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