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Puppy not playing with other dogs

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I took Scout to his second puppy class last night. He is doing great with the training part (he was the demo dog for down, which we had never worked on and he got it right away). When we had play time he was in a group with a standard poodle and pit bull. Those two dogs played together the whole time and Scout just sniffed around and was more interested in all the other people there instead of the dogs. Is this normal for a golden? Do you think he just prefers people company to other dogs? Just wondering if others have experienced this.
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Penny Lane wasn't very interested in other pups either. Last week there was a little pit bull puppy biting her ears and trying to get her to play (not during playtime, though) and Penny Lane just laid there and looked at her like "What are you doing? It's learning time" Then during play time she would sniff the outer edges of the room then play with the other pups for a bit when they came to play with her and then she left them and went back to the people.
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