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Puppy Kindergarten!

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Tonight is our first night at puppy class! We are very excited. He's been such a smart little guy so I'm excited to see how he'll do.

As of now, just from training on our own, he knows sit, lay down, shake, roll over (he doesn't roll all the way over though, just onto his back), stay (he is surprisingly great at stay! Even when there's a whole bowl of food calling to him, he waits until I give him the signal!), come (about 75% of the and 'go to bed' (he'll run and plop onto his pillow).

I'm really looking forward to getting a bit of hands-on extra help with the relationship between Newbie and my son (5 yrs old). My son's coming too, so that they'll get to work together. This is our first dog, so my son hasn't been used to having a rowdy doggie chasing after him, and while he loves to run around with him, he hasn't learned how to keep him from biting too hard or getting too rough, and Newbie DEFINITELY does not respect him as an authority figure. Newbie never growls at me or my bf, but will do it to my son (not in a mean way, but in a playful but still dominant way). My son will shout out commands in play and Newbie just ignores him, and my son will shout when he's getting 'attacked' and it just fuels the fire for Newbie and he goes after him even more. I've told Solomon not to scream and instead to speak firmly and clearly, and sometimes he does okay, but his instinct is to scream and turn/run away making Newbie think it's a game and giving him a better target to jump on without those darn hands in the way! I'd love to hear ideas from you guys regarding this issue as well.

I'm also looking forward to learning how to get Newbie to walk on a loose-leash, as this is something that he hasn't gotten through his head yet.

Well, wish us luck!! :crossfing :)
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Newbie sounds like a very smart guy-and very cute!! Sounds like you've done a lot of work with him already. Enjoy your class, we loved puppy kindergarten.
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