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Puppy kindergarten

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so sophie went in for her third round of shots today and the vet gave her clearance to go out into the world in a week! we were so excited b/c the poor thing has been cooped up for the last few weeks b/c our area is so heavily populated. i was all ready to sign her up for a puppy kindergarten class that starts in two weeks but he said he recommends waiting til she's 4 months old to do classes. the thing is, i thought she was getting her rabies shot today but he said that she has to come back in a month for that, that's it's too early. so i'm assuming that he said 4 months b/c of the rabies shot, but i know i should have pressed him more about it.

what age did you puppies start puppy kindergarten? i don't want her to waste crucial time that could be in a class, but of course i don't want to expose her to any potential harm. i'm planning to just talk to the store that runs the class and see what their policy is, and if the rabies shot isn't necessary for this class, do it anyway.
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We can start as soon as 10-11 weeks, after their second set of shots. Bailey didn't get her rabies until she was 16 weeks. Call around and see who will take your puppy in their class.
We allow puppies that are at least 8 weeks of age (1st set of shots minimum) to participate in puppy class.
Brady was 3-3.5 months old and had just had his first rabies vaccination (this is what our vet recommended). I know we're all anxious to get out and about with our pups, but I personally think it's important to make sure they have had enough vaccinations to keep them safe. There are plenty of training things you can work on at home in the meantime. Do you have any family or friends who have dogs that you know are healthy and up to date on their vaccinations for her to play with? That would be minimal risk and a vent for her energy as well as opportunity for socialization.
Most people I asked (including my vet) recommended waiting till after their 2nd set of shots so that's what I did. My training center said that dogs learn a lot in the first 3 months so it's an important time to socialize them. If you don't go to classes, maybe you could have some doggie playdates with a friend.

I think people have varied opinions on this so just do what you think is right but i think it's safe to go now, esp if she has her 3rd set of shots.
Bailey had her second round of shots at 10 1/2 weeks and last week she got cleared after having Giardia, Whipworm and Coccidia. I was of course anxious to start her socializing with other dogs, so today I brought her for 3 1/2 hours to a puppy daycare in our area. They really check all the vaccinations status of the dogs in that dog training center, so I felt safe to bring her there. I could check on live webcams from home how she was doing. Of course a little bit freaked out, but overall she was doing fine and when I got her home, she was sleeping for almost 4 hours. We will start puppy class this week (she will be 13 weeks old). I signed her up for several classes and I am looking forward to do this training with her.
As far as I know most training places take puppies after the second round of shots.


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Winchester starts puppy kindergarten next week. He'll be almost 13 weeks old. My vet told me that would be okay for him.
Hank starts puppy kindergarten 9/27. His second round of shots 9/24. He'll be 11 weeks old by then.
thanks everyone...seems the places near me all want that rabies shot...maybe it's b/c of our location...i dont know...but i've been sending out requests for puppy playdates in the meantime!
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