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Puppy Headstart

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Saturday Sierra Starts her puppy Headstart class. It is a 3 week class and then we start Puppy fundamental for 6 weeks. This should be lots of fun. We have been working on some of the basics already. She seems to follow commands well when she wants to. Hopefully these classes will help us to do stuff consistanly and not just when she feels like it.

I bought her a new leash and collar for her first day of school. What kind of treats would you guys reccommend for class. Right now I am just using regular puppy treats.

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I use Wellness Puppy Bites quartered. They are soft, 1" square and easy to cut. I know some trainers use Cheerios.
Hmmm, Cheerios are a great idea. I use Mother Hubbards (? threw away the bag) little trainer treats- they look like brownish oyster crackers. I started with a softer more delicious treat but then I noticed she was having soft stools after class because of all the treating.
how much fun!!
dh saw a show about dog treats (calories) - they recommended chicken (turkey?) hotdogs cut up
We used turkey dogs. You freeze em, then you cut them in slices and cut the slices into quarters. Works good. You can dehydrate them in the oven too. Hey thanks for being concerned and calling me today!!!
I have used turkey hotdogs cut up .... I slice and quarter them and bake to dry them out. (easier to keep in pouch or pocket) I have also used charliebear treats (only 3 calories each) Puppy headstart sounds so cute...bring your camera.
You will have a blast with the puppy classes. I've tried all sort of treats. I had the best luck with some very small crunchy liver flavored treats. My dogs took longer to eat the soft treats than the crispy ones. The key is to have the tiniest treats you can find that will motivate your pup. Some people even use the bits of dog food as treats to make it easy to reduce the meals if the pup has been getting lots of training treats.
Have fun at puppy class! I mainly use Iams biscuits for Bailey's training treats. I break it up in several pieces. I've used cut up chicken and steak too in very tiny pieces.
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