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Hey All!

Tucker is now 8 months old...whoaaa, time flies. We have had him on ProPlan LBP and tried to switch him to the ProPlan Sensitive Stomach...however, he HATED it. As in...would pick out the Sensitive Stomach pieces and leave it behind.

Even if I tried to give him like 2 or 3 little bits from my hand, wouldnt go near it. He NEVER does that.

So, back to the drawing board for us...from what I have read the biggest things you need to watch out for is protein levels not being TOO high, the calcium and phosphorous levels being way off and whether or not go grain free.

We were down to Blue Wilderness, but BW had SUPER high protein...then it was TOTW and that had crazy high calcium and frustrating.

We ended up leaving with the Blue Buffalo Basics...however, now I am concerned that the protein in it is too low (21%). Regular Blue Buffalo caused him to have diarrhea when he was a younger puppy, which is why we arent going standard Blue Buffalo.

Can anyone offer advice or alternatives, or am I looking WAYYY too much into this?
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