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Hi everyone! This page has been so helpful preparing for my golden puppy, Brodie. However, since bringing him home last week, he has been way more difficult than I expected or thought was possible. I grew up with dogs, but this is my first time raising a puppy, so it is a likely mix of first time puppy parent naiveness and puppyhood.

For one, he is super distracted outside and won’t stop eating our tree roots, leaves, sticks or grass long enough to actually go to the bathroom. We spend 30-40 minutes just trying to get him to go to the bathroom before we take him inside and put him in the crate. Then he goes in the crate.

The other thing is that he seems to be having a witching hour. He gets super mouthy and aggressive from 9:30-10:30 every night. I’ve tried just putting him to bed at 9:30 to avoid it, but he will just howl for an hour in his crate instead.

He was so calm and mellow when I brought him home and now he is a completely different dog. I love him so much, but I’m feeling very overwhelmed, discouraged and anxious about him. I want him to be a good dog with manners, but it’s one step forward, five step backwards right now. At least he is cute!

Sorry for the rant/vent/cry for help, but any advice would be SO SO SO appreciated.
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