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Brodie is adorable :) and sounds like a 100% normal Golden puppy. First, your feelings are understandable and also pretty typical. Doesn't matter whether it's a human or a dog - you see the photos and hear the stories and you know they will be super adorable and it will be life changing to bring one home - However, nothing can really prepare you for the reality of being totally responsible for another life. Especially a life that has a communication gap. Pretty much no one has a real grasp of how much work it is. The best thing about a puppy though is that you are allowed to crate him for his safety and take a break. Plan on scheduling a half hour for yourself every evening - or morning if that is how your schedule works best. Purchase "low odor bully stick" or do the frozen stuffed kong trick or a flavored Benebone and keep these things put a way and save them for when you want a half hour of Netflix or reading etc. Crate the puppy and give the special chew item. When your time is up - put the special item away until next time. Keeping access limited keeps it special. If you're smart, you will keep two baskets of puppy toys, and rotate them every week. Keeps things interesting.

Housetraining for Dummies is a good book, is a great website. Kikopup on youtube - puppy training videos for attention and foundation behavior is hugely hellpful

If you aren't signed up for puppy obedience class yet, it's not too soon. Start researching a dog training club or AKC obedience club for referrals in your area. Network, everyone knows each other in an area. Plan on being enrolled in obedience classes and practicing at home every day for the next two years or so. Just look at it as a long term project. You wouldn't dream of running a marathon without a long process of training and this is the same concept. Those amazing family dogs aren't built in a week or a month. It's a long term commitment and you can absolutely do it - you just need a plan and some guidance.

Use the search feature here at the top and read through all the old threads - any subject you can think of has already been covered here multiple times. So many good ideas. Look up "crate training" "help, my puppy is driving me crazy" "Landshark" "Puppy eats everything " etc. Some puppies are a bit more a handful in certain areas than others. You should keep a notebook and see what helps you, write down schedule and patterns and try different things. Put a crate in the car and take that puppy places to see the world and meet people. You will discover that if you think it through (plan to take your time for potty breaks, bring treats and all the clean up items for an accident) it will be a great way to help occupy him so he sleeps when you're home and you can get chores done.

Share your adventures here and you will discover a lot of people stepping up to help you out and enjoy helping you learn. YOu can do this. It's just very time consuming and you are not the only one to discover this. Even people who have raised multiple puppies for decades sometimes wonder what the heck they were thinking bringing home a Golden puppy. Some days you're just tired. It's ok. Keep reading and learning and interacting, games, training and exercise are your key. Get help. Cut back on eating out and coffee runs and use that money to schedule a few private lessons with a good trainer. Expensive but worth every single penny. Hang in there, you've got this and it will be SO worth it.
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