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It appears like there are a lot of puppies who are or have already come home in April. Just like there is the September group, would anyone want to start a group for April pups?!

Here's our information:
My name: Amy
Dog's name: Duke
Birthday: 2/10
Live in Virginia
Crate training getting better
Potty training going great!

Duke has been such a blessing for us! His first few nights at home were ROUGH, crying all night, needing to go out every 2 hours, etc. After he started to settle in, he's been great! Sleeps 12-8 (my husband and I are both night owls and since I'm a SAHM with kids who get up late, the schedule works beautifully!)

Potty training has been especially good. Within 24 hours of being home, he was ringing the bells on our front door to go outside. If we don't hear him, he'll whine or bark if desperate. I don't think it was us that trained him that well, I think he's a genius! Oh, and the breeder probably had something to do with it!

Our biggest issues are with the biting. We have 2 young boys (who are 2 and 4) and he definitely treats the 2 year old as a litter mate. I've told them that if they are playing on the floor, that they can expect Duke to jump on them and bite them. The 4 year old understands it and is really good about playing well with Duke (fetch, getting his toys for him), but the two year old just squeals or screams.

Our other issue is our older dog. Mickey is almost 8 and just lost his brother 2 weeks before Duke came home. Now Mickey wants nothing to do with Duke. If Duke tries to play with him, he'll just stand really still and ignore him. He won't even bark or growl, just freezes. It breaks our heart because one of the reasons we got Duke was because Mickey loves playing with other dogs and once McGwire got sick (long before he died) Mickey was obviously worried and didn't have anyone to play with. I know that given time, they will become buddies (I hope), but it still breaks my heart!

Anyway, I thought creating a board like this will help us all with all of the training and other issues you have with an itty-bitty puppy.
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