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Pudden's hike in the mountains

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It was a lovely warm fall day here last Saturday and the recently de-quilled Pud went on a hike in the mountains with Mama.

On the way home, we observed a herd of muskoxen from the car :)


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Cool. Those are some hairy things out there :)

Fall landscape is beautiful -- are you and Pudden ready for winter?
Queen Pudden rules quite a beautiful realm up there in the north country. Those landscapes are incredible. They colors up there are great.
May I ask where you live? It is sooo pretty!
What a lovely place to take a golden, love the scenery and the 1st photo too!
Wow, those are some impressive pictures..I would love to come visit you:wave:

Pudden looks so proud in her domain!
Excellent pics! The Puden looks very happy in her realm.
Gorgeous pictures, as usual! Those musk oxen look so prehistoric.
WOW I cant pick a favorite of Pudden in the fields of Alaska. But I think my favorite is the first one. Is the bumps on her nose from where the quills were in her nose?
I'd say the Pud won the game of king of the mountain, except she's the queen:) Is she leashed when you spot the musk oxen? I would imagine she'd get a chilly reception from those new friends, too!
WOW oh, wow!!! That landscape is amazing!!!! What a treat- thanks for sharing with us.
Gorgeous pics. I especially love that first one.
wowwww that landscape is so amazing and when you out a golden in comment!
All I can say is WOW, it is stunning!
It is achingly beautiful where you live. I'm sure the winters have a harsh beauty as well.
Pudden looks so happy with life - what was she after in the 4th pic???
Beautiful photos! I really like the first one. Looks like she is enjoying herself, just taking it all in.

Thanks for sharing :)
Thanks all :)
these hills are just a few miles from our house; we'll have snow soon enough, but fall is my favorite time of year :)

May I ask where you live? It is sooo pretty!
this is in Nome, on the Seward Peninsula in western Alaska

Is the bumps on her nose from where the quills were in her nose?
nah, fortunately, there are no bumps left from her quill incident :D

what was she after in the 4th pic???
An imgainary mouse. All I have to do is point at a patch of ground and make excited noises, and the Pudden is convinced she needs to dig there. Works every time. Doesn't say much about her intelligence, maybe :D

:) Is she leashed when you spot the musk oxen?
Oh yeah, when muskoxen are near, I put her on her 100-foot running leash. We had a few, ahem, incidents, where she thought she had to go round them up. We can handle porcupine quills, but when I have to start pulling muskox horns out of her butt, we'll be in trouble.
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Awesome pictures! My breath was taken away with all the colors when I visited Alaska a couple weeks ago. Your pictures show them all so well. Have you seen any moose lately? If you do scare them over the Wasilla way will you? My husband is hunting there. ;)
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