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Pudden, you're a bad, bad dog!

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My dear Pudden.

I still love you, let that be said right at the start. :smooch:

Okay. You were a very bad dog today :mad:. At lunch, Mama came to the car (like she always does) to take you for a walk. :greenboun Mama opened the car door and you were all wriggles and smiles (like you always are) and just as Mama was about to put your leash on, you suddenly, without authorization, jumped past Mama's shoulder and went off like a racoon with its tail on fire.:bowl: All mama saw was a little black flash going around the corner with you in hot pursuit. :cavalry: Then you came back around, lil' black flash in front, screaming bloody murder, and you after it. Mama hollered and ordered you to stand down, but did you hear? Nope. Then you caught the poor thing and you kinda sat on it for a second :crash:and made a sort-of humping movement :scratchch while the poor victim screamed in terror and indignation, and then you let it go, and it bolted back to its house and you came back to Mama with a look of great triumph on your face. :nono: Mama had to go to its house and make sure it was okay (it was) and apologize to its Mom (she said it was no big deal).

Pudden: ***?!

You used to be reactive against dogs, :eyecrazy: but didn't Mama work and work on it and didn't we go to obedience and don't you have many many doggie friends now of all sizes that you are polite and well mannered around? So why must you suddenly be such a bully? :squintdan I thought we talked about this. Mama could barely make out that it was a little black ankle biter, just like the one we have in the neighborhood who is always so rude to US.:satan: But child, that's no reason to bully ALL little black ankle biters, esp. when they are minding their own business and not biting anybody's ankles. And what's with the humping?! :gotme: Maybe you thought it was OUR little ankle biter? I can't fault you for thinking they all look alike, but remember: we are ladies. Ladies never bully :nono: and we are always polite and serene even in the face of mayhem. :yes:

Go ahead and sulk, child. Sit there and think about the error of your ways.:slapcry:

Your disappointed Mama. :no:


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Pudden don't worry Mama still loves you. You know she can't be mad long. Just wait until she needs your help when all that snow comes and she needs you to help pull all those supplies up the hill. Right "Mama"
Rut Roh! Poor Pudden. She does look like she is contemplating the errors in her ways. I hope she is let out of the dog house soon.
I don't know if it was nail in the head bad, but shame on ms puddin!
Oh A Girl just has to sow her oats now n dagin! But, Pudden...Silly Rude, Bully Girl! Tisk, Tisk! You may be leashed even in da car!!
She definitely looks sorry.
Well at least it wasn't a cat she was getting frisky with like I first thought.
Poor misunderstood Pudden.
No one can stay mad at a face like that!! (even with a nail sticking out of her head like some deranged creation of Frankenstein) Glad everyone survived unscathed!!

Julie and Jersey
A Pudden's gotta do what a Pudden's gotta do. Sweet thing.
I didn't notice the nail - I was too busy oogling those feet!
Poor Pudden.
oh I just hate how sad Pudden looks in that photo, please don't be mad at her, she was just doin' what Puddens do....
Awww bad pudden! I hope mama doesn't stay mad at your fur long. Make sure you listen next time!
AAAHHH, Pud, you got nailed !!!!! Funny how Moms don't appreciate the wild child in us. You've got her number though, so play along and she'll be mushing all over you soon.

Your pals, Penny & Maggie
Ranger says he think Pudden was just trying to be friendly to that little black dog, and probably didn't mean a thing by it, in fact he thinks that that humping thing was just Pudden's way of showing that little black dog that he was one of the gang -- didn't want to leave him out, even if he is a little ankle biter. Ranger thinks Pudden is sorely misunderstood, and if there is anything Ranger can understand it is a dog being misunderstood. In fact, just a short time ago, he tried to rearrange the house to make it look more lived in, and his mama told him he was a bad dog. Can you imagine? Anyway, hang in there Pudden, you certainly look like your intentions were misunderstood.
Oh my, Pudden should have a book written about all the Pudden does....
I love Pudden stories (even if they are tales of terrorizing!)!
I was afraid it was one of those black and white striped kitties that she was after. Thank goodness it was only an ankle-biter! (Didn't Hooch call them "puntables?")
:D:D what, all this sympathy for Pudden The Evil, and none for the little innocent victim? This lil' scrapper was a complete innocent, not like the dreaded fiersome reincarnation-of-Saddam-Hussein that lives in our neighborhood.

Thinking about it, I honestly believe the Pud mistook the lil' thing for the neighborhood blight. I can see how that happened. I never got a good look at it, only saw that it was
a) low
b) black
c) shrill

It sucks when you resemble someone on the most-wanted-terrorist list :(
Poor Pudden - that little ankle biter probably said some ugly things when Pudden's Mom wasn't looking (they're sneaky like that!). And Pudden probably just wanted to explain how saying those things wasn't nice . . . not quite sure how humping gets that point across tho - hmmmmmm.
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