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Today was the first time we went out in awhile as its rained so much lately. I think its been 4 days. Proof has been antsy to run outside.

High around 50 with light wind and teetering between overcast and sunny.

Met Ben and had Bodey in mind when set up the first ABCD drill. i like the shorter distances for Proof on the weekends. It allows him to concentrate on the concepts he already should know, without the distance. Kind of like refresher courses. Polishing. He always does really well on the concepts and it is like a great confidence booster for him in my opinion.

First set up two bucket blinds from the mound between the hay bales. Proof didn't want to go through them but I didn't really press it as much as just got him out there. He had a harder time with the second blind as he wanted to suck to the first blind.

Second set up a nice ABCD drill. short, long, long, short. First A and B two converging, second C and D, hip pocket.
Then we moved over to a great double, that I'm sure has a name but it was like an along the shore set up but on land. Little longer distances, not for Bodey. Proof did great, couldn't ask for better. Ran past the short gun like it didn't exist, ha ha.

then we set up a hard blind that went down the hill up the hill and cross the path twice and had a tree that the dog needed to run close past. Proof was good in the beginning and I got him on the right side of the tree but after that it was a mess. I couldn't see him behind the tree at all as the leaves were covering him from sight but whatever, got him to it, more like a free for all but anyway...something to work on.

then I ran a pattern blind with a cone between the hay bales. Moving the line so that the hole was tighter and tighter and running very close to a closer hay bale. Eventually ending up very tight with the starting point on the mound. He did great. I felt I had more room to correct him as he knew where he was going so if he didn't tuck in tight I could say, hey now, you know where you're going, ha ha ha.

After that I just let him run around while I picked up and got ready to go. He had a nice time. Its been so rainy he just enjoyed rolling in the dry grass.


121 - 125 of 125 Posts