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As some of you, might know, my puppy had a serious leash biting problem. My wife simply refused to walk her and I was very embarrassed to go out with the dog. She would start by attacking the leash and move on to biting out shoes and hands.

We tried everything; soak the leash in bitter apple, soak the leash in vix, short leash, long leash, put the leash down and ignore the dog, trade treats, walk fast, walk slow, leash training inside, tire out the dog before the dog, etc. NOTHING WORKED!

The other day Gracie was attacking the leash at a local park when a lady came over and solved the problem INSTANTLY!!!!!!

This is what we did:
Wrap the leash around ur hand til u have a one foot lead. The second u put the leash on, u start guiding the dog, almost like riding a horse. Tiny little corrections using a harness. Puppy makes the slowest mistake, u give a little tug. Basically be a control freak, only for a few minutes. Gracie got it in about 3 minutes. We have been on 4 nice long walks since and they have been amazing.
I want her head about six inches to the left of my knee, she moved slightly to any direction, I give her a tiny correction tug. Those are very slight tugs, not yanks! Basically communicating to her to watch her every move while on leash.

She still plays and goes crazy when off leash but the second I put the leash on, she stops and waits to see which direction I'm walking. It has really improved our relationship. I can sense that she has finally submitted to the leash and it feels great taking here everywhere :)
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