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Probiotic strains and CFUs that are good for dogs?

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I'm so confused about the different strains of probiotics! Which ones are the ones for dogs and how many CFU? Do they need a prebiotic in the mix too?:doh:
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I find the whole thing very confusing also. Luckily my girl's breeder is a terrific researcher and very interested in supplements and a more holistic approach so she is my go-to for supplement advice. I asked her if I only had a budget for 3 supplements for my dogs what should they be and her advice:

1) Fish oil - Nordic Naturals is human quality and highly recommended
2) Mushroom extract - especially Turkey Tail mushrooms - I use Dr. Mercola Mushroom Complex
3) Dogzymes Probiotic Max

You can order all these on Amazon

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Thanks! I've used all but the the mushroom one. I saw a nutritionist (Marc Ching of the Petstaurant) and he pointed out some probiotics contain fillers that we should be careful of. Since my girl has ear /skin issues, I stopped the Dogzyme for now (it contains whey) and looking for another probiotic to try. The nordic fish oil is great (and I take the human version too!)
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