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Price of Spay!

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I just checked the price of Michaela's spay and got quite a shock! $327!:eek: This seems crazy. Is this the norm? I had Piper (yorkshire) spayed 18 months ago and it was less than this. They say the smaller dogs or more expensive. I was expecting it to be well over $200 but wow!

Thanks for letting me vent.
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I live outside Seattle in the other direction and I paid $391.41 for Jamie's neuter but that did include $52.99 for his microchip. I knew it would be cheaper to go the spay/neuter clinic but I know our vet is struggling in the bad economy and I would have felt bad taking him somewhere else.

I did feel $25.00 was a lot for three pain pills (Duramaxx 75 mg) but I wanted to have them in case he needed them. Thankfully, he didn't.
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