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Pressed rawhide

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I have heard all sorts of terrible things about rawhide in general, but what is the general consensus regarding the higher quality pressed rawhide? Its not as apt to "flake" off into dangerous little pieces like traditional rawhide does, but as far as gastric obstructions are concerned is it as common with the pressed?

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Personally, I wouldn't chance any rawhide. My crew loves bully sticks and antlers.
Tundra loved them,but he's a hard chewer and managed to eat enough that it really tore up his stomach. He didn't have any blockage, but he spent two half days with the vet getting fluids because of the diarrhea and vomiting. $300 later....he was fine. Now he only gets Kongs and Nylabones....
pressed is the most desirable rawhide IF you are going to give a rawhide, however I would prefer to give bully sticks or marrow bones.
I do give Bailey pressed rawhides, but when they get small, I throw them out. I never put them in her kennel and I always keep an eye on her while she is munching on them.
Neither of my dogs care for antlers and I can't stand the smell of bully sticks (I know you can get odor free online - just haven't done it yet) but they LOVE marrow bones! And the marrow bones are pretty cheap. They also like beef tendons.
I thought pressed was better for a while too, but then I did some more research and discovered the problem with them. They are all made in Asia, mostly China, because they are made of water buffalo hide. You should never buy rawhide from outside the US because the chemicals they use are much less regulated. I had a conversation with the pet store owner where I get Maya's food when I asked if the pressed rawhide bones were made in the US. She told me never to believe anyone who told me it was because they don't make it here. She said she wouldn't give it to her dog b/c of the problems there have been with things made in China. She recommended some US rawhide, which I passed up because of my worries about blockage. I hate how hard it is to find things that dogs like that are safe. My pup has zero interest in Nylabones and only slightly more in antlers. She also swallowed a huge chunk of bully stick once, which freaked me out.
Thanks for all the replies! Milo loves the pressed rawhides I have given him, we've not had any problems but I didn't realize most of it is manufactured in China...that is not good. I guess we'll give marrow bones a try. Do you just buy those at the grocery store? Any concerns to be aware of with them?

Thanks, I love this forum!
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