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Okay, this was making my other post too long, so I am putting the suppliers in another post.

If you want to feed raw, and might feel restricted, or daunted by the preperation involved, or if you want to try it out & eventually ease into making your own, here are a few companies that make prepackaged raw diets. As with kibble, the ingredients will vary. I cannot stress this enough, but ALWAYS read up on raw diets before you start one with your pet, to ensure safety.

Raw food Diet Suppliers (located in the US & Canada)

All these companies usually offer supplements, books, natural treats and other products. Most of these web sites give information on raw food diets and very good quality links to related subjects. Please take the time to look around. Also note that the diets offered by a company may vary with time and new retailers can be added regularly. If you are interested in the raw food diet, visit these sites often.

Aunt Jeni Home Made (MD) 877-254-6123
A very complete diet of chicken, lamb, beef or rabbit in a 50:50 ratio of meat to vegetables. The chicken diet is made of organic chicken muscle meat, minced organ meat and finely ground raw bones. The lamb diet contains organic lamb muscle meat, minced organ meat and finely ground raw bones. The beef diet contains beef muscle meat, beef heart and liver. The rabbit formula contains rabbit meat and bones, rabbit heart and liver. All diet contains pureed vegetables, apples, whole eggs, ground flax seeds, honey, apple cider vinegar, alfalfa, kelp, garlic, parsley, and grapefruit seed extract. Canadian retailers in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. US Retailers in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington DC. Ships everywhere in Canada and the USA.

Animal Food Services (WI) 800-743-0322
Offer meat patties of organ, muscle and bone. Available frozen or freeze-dried. No artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives, no grains. Balanced and complete in vitamin, mineral, fat, carbohydrate and protein content--balancing the all-important calcium/phospherous ratio. AFS also manufactures the same meat diets under the "Carnique" brand label. Dealers in 22 states.

Celestial Pets (CA) 888-235-7387
Offers a home recipe but does not sell raw foods.

Fargo Farmore (Canada, BC)
Mix of ground meat, organ meat, carrots, grains and supplements. Only the beef variety contains bones. Canadian distributors in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. US distributors in California, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas.

Feed This (CA)
Offers complete meals of chicken necks, lamb necks, pork necks, turkey necks or chicken backs. Also caries duck and rabbit meaty bones. Their bogie balls are made of beef, turkey, eggs, veggies, herbal supplements and organs. No grains. Delivers in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Mendocino, Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco Counties

Golden Choice (GA) 770-425-5412
Offers a beef, turkey, rabbit, offal, goat or fish diet. Diet contains eggs, yogurt, whole rolled oats, fresh fruit & vegetables, oils, honey, garlic, kelp, alfalfa, vitamins and minerals. Also carries meaty bones, chicken backs, turkey necks, turkey wings and goat bones. Delivery is free in the North metro Atlanta area. Call for other areas.

Grandad's Pet Foods (CA) 408-727-6160
Offers a chicken, a beef and a chicken & beef diet. The chicken diet contains chicken meat and bones, neck, back, and frame and 3% beef organ meat for flavor. Also available in a double-ground form for puppies and toy breeds. The all beef diet contains 100% beef organ meat and denaturing charcoal. The beef & chicken diet contains 60% beef heart and 40% chicken. No grains, vegetables or supplements. Ships throughout California and the Western States. Distributors in California, Oregon and Washington.

Halshan Premium Raw Food (CA) 888-766-9725
A line of various diets, all without grains, including meat and veggies (70% meat, 30% veggies, no bones), organ meat and veggies, meat only, and ground whole turkey or chicken necks. Meat types include chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, venison, ostrich, buffalo, duck and fish. Organ meats are chicken, beef, turkey and lamb. Green tripe is also available. Shipping to California, Utah and Nevada is very affordable, but will ship to all other states for a higher price.

Healthy Hound (British Colombia, Canada) 604-925-3647
Offer a various diet of chicken, turkey, lamb or beef. Also offers an ostrich, venison, lamb tripe, wild muskox or wild fish diet. An anti-inflammatory diet for dogs with arthritis, skin irritations, allergies and even chronic ear problems is also available, as well as a gastro diet. 75% ground muscle meat, organ and bone with 25% organic seasonal veggies. Free shipping in Vancouver. Call for quotes if from elsewhere.

Natural Kravings, formely Holesome Natural K9 Pet Foods (British Colombia Canada) 604-826-6242
Offers an extensive meat diet with/without organs with separate vegetables (Mix 'n Match Meal system) or the two combined in a complete meal. The Meat diet is available in chicken, beef, turkey or lamb. The meat & organ diet is available in chicken, beef or lamb. A Meaty bones & organ meat diet is available with lamb necks and lamb neck slices. You can also buy bulk meats, like chicken backs & necks. The veggie packs come in 6 flavors. The complete meal diet has a ratio of 75% meat and 25% veggies, and is available in chicken, turkey, beef or lamb. They also offer finely pulverized eggshells and a salmon & bones product. Ships in British Colombia every two weeks. Delivery outside of British Colombia is also possible. Please visit web site for details.

Home Made 4 Life (Canada) 905-729-2727
Canadian distributor of Aunt Jeni's Home Made diets. Please see this company's entry for description.

mOrigins (OH)
Ground beef muscle meat, organ meat and bones, plus vitamins and minerals. No grains or vegetables. Apparently there is a freeze-dried version also. Available at: A Place for Paws (800) 354-4216 Columbiana, OH Western Reserve Healthcare Services (216) 228-3656 Cleveland, OH

Mountain Dog Food (Alberta, Canada) 780-662-2242
Offers ground chicken and ground turkey, with or without veggies & fruits. Also carry turkey necks and chicken backs. Delivery to your home has to be arranged by phone but they have several retailers in British Colombia and Alberta.

Nature's Link (Canada)
Mix of meat, liver, grains, fruits, carrots and supplements in a sausage form. Does not include bones. Contains unusual but healthy ingredients like buttermilk, citrus fruits and yeast. Available in most of Canada and the Western US, including Alaska. Send email for a dealer near you.

Nature's Menu (WI) 414-248-9256
Email: [email protected]

Oma's Pride from Miller Foods, Inc. (CT) 860-673-3256
Offers a complete list of diets with or without vegetables. Meat, bones and organs only. No grains, no added vitamins or minerals. Diets with vegetables & bones offer a ratio of 70% meat/bones, 10% organs and 20% vegetables. They include chicken, turkey, beef and lamb. A beef & vegetables mix is available without bones. Diets without vegetables include chicken necks/frames, turkey necks/frames, ultra fine ground chicken necks and lamb. Meat is also available without bones in ground turkey, turkey breast, turkey thigh, chicken breast, ground beef, ground ostrich, ground venison, beef top rounds. Organ meat is available in ground beef heart/liver/kidney, beef heart, beef liver, beef kidney, chicken liver, green tripe. They also offer a wide variety of whole raw meaty bones. Please check web site for details. Delivery anywhere in CT. Retailers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont.

NDN - Nu Dimensions Nutrition (NC) 919-848-4071
Offers a diet of meaty bones and vegetables in a ratio of 50%-50%. No grains. Available diets are chicken, chicken liver & heart, turkey, duck, salmon and beef (without bones). Retailers in North Carolina, Florida and Virginia. The company will ship to all locations that don't have a local retail outlet via UPS.

Pat McKay Inc. (CA) 800-975-7555
No information found about the menus on her web site, but they are composed of 75% raw meat and 25% raw vegetables. Call for a list of retailers. No information on shipping.

Purely Primitives from Teddy's Freezer (WA) 206-542-9300
Various diets available of meat/vegetables, organ/vegetables and organ/meat/vegetables. No grain or additive. The meat/vegetables diets include chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, venison and duck. The organ/vegetables diets include chicken, turkey, beef and lamb. The organ/meat/vegetable diets include chicken, turkey, duck and lamb. Also offers whole chicken necks, whole chicken backs, whole chicken wings, whole turkey necks and whole duck necks. Retailers in California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Virginia and Washington.

Raw Connections (Canada, ON) 613-623-3830
Offers a diet of ground chicken, ground meaty chicken bones, ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil, carrots, lettuce, ground kelp, ground alfalfa leaves, vitamins C, A & D. Available from several locations around the Ottawa Valley. Call or send email for a distributor near you.

Steve's Real Food (OR) 888-526-1900
A complete diet consisting of ground meat and bones, organ meat, vegetables, and a variety of supplements. Has a tiny amount of rice bran, but no other grains. Chicken and Turkey varieties available. Comes in bags of cubes or in a freeze-dried version. Retailers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington State and Wisconsin.

Three Cheers Raw! Raw! Raw!
Complete diet consisting of whole chicken pieces (including bone), seasonal vegetables, chicken giblets, flaxseed, kelp and garlic, all finely ground. No grains. They also carry Chicken Backs & Necks, Turkey Necks and Beef Bones. Available at A Place for Paws (800) 354-4216 Columbiana, OH

Ultimate Diet (canada, ON) 416-469-0324
Offers three diets in beef, venison and chicken. All diets contain organic whole oats (less than 10%), un-pasteurized honey, organic garlic, organic alfalfa sprouts, organic fresh carrots, sea kelp, nutritional yeast, wheat germ, carob powder, cold pressed virgin olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar, calcium carbonate, vitamin C, filtered water and ground bone. Chicken diet also contains mint powder. Retailers in Ontario, New Hampshire and Michigan.

Waggin' Tails (MA) 800-946-8245
Carries these specific frozen raw diets: Abady, Animal Food Services, Bill Jac Frozen, Steve's Real Food and Oma's Pride. Please visit web site for details. Will ship from Massachusetts to everywhere they can reach in 2 days via UPS.

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Very thorough!!!!

I can vouch for Animal Food Services and Halshan's personally. We used both of these suppliers for over 5 years with our last dog. However we have gone back to dried kibble (mostly) with Sidney... I'll save the explanations of why for another thread at another time... really gotta go now...

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We (hubby and I) use a pre-made brand called Urban Carnivore and they are out of Saskachewan, Canada. Their patties contain meat, organ, and bone that is ground and they have these whole carcass patties available in beef, chicken, bison, quail, lamb, and elk. They also have green tripe and veggie/fruit puree patties available too.

We've been aiming for a ratio of 70% meat,. organ, bone with no more than 10% organ and 30% veggie/fruit. However, our dog is not a big fan of the texture of puree so we are more likely to just feed him raw veggies. I know they don't digest veggies or fruit very well unless the cellulose walls of the cells are broken down. We also supplement his diet with sardines, wild salmon oil, and give him chicken necks and backs to crunch on.

Wiggles seems to do really well on the raw diet, but it does affect him when someone offers him a treat containing wheat. We've had once scenario where we bought beef crunchies made by Rollover in bulk and the store decided to mix different flavours. Wiggles ended up with pudding poops because the other flavours contained wheat.

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If you're in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend Harmony Farms Meat, Inc. It's a butcher in La Crescenta. 818-248-3068.

I also really like the Bravo! line of pre-made raw food. Here's a link to a wonderful local (Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley) distributor: Raw Diet for Dogs.

-Stephanie & Quiz

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Also - if you're in the greater Los Angeles area, there's the So. Cal. BARF co-op. Great deals if you can buy in bulk.



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I had used the ready made frozen foods...not bad at all...when I rescued my second golden, it became pretty pricey, so now do it myself....
I'm amazed how easy it is, too...and far less expensive.
No more ear infections, smelly doggies, no more hot spots!!! and I'm saving a fortune at the vets.....
Don't be intimidated by raw diets...I buy the exact same things I'd eat (just no chicken or turkey or lamb necks) lol....we share our hamburgers...only I cook mine....
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