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Practice chute

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Does anyone know where I can get an inexpensive chute that will hold up for practicing with a golden. Kayla is still not comfortable with the chute so I want to practice more at home. I have used sheets to practice with her and she is ok with that, but it is not translating to the chute in class. Is the one with a fabric barrel portion strong enough?
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Be really careful. Neither of my dogs could care less about getting tangled in a chute or anything, but it's the last thing you need with a dog who's already having problems. If there's a nice solid chute at wherever you take class, you might want to ask about just coming early or staying late to work on it. It's convenient to have a helper anyways.
This is a VERY important point. The last thing you need is a low quality chute coming apart, rolling, or moving and getting your pup tangled up in it. I agree with seeing if you can stay late or come early.
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