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Positive Reinforcement on Big Bang Theory

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not sure if anyone here is a fan of the show (i happen to really enjoy it), but there is an annoying neighbor character on the show. one of the main characters is trying to change her behavior by using positive reinforcement techniques on her. it's pretty funny stuff (and of course working well)

if you want to see a small clip of it, it's on the CBS website -

not sure if the link will work, but you can find it under "Chocolate"
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that is one of my favorite shows. that episode was funny ! loved it .
i missed last night's and i'm trying to find it online. apparently it's got a scene with wil wheaton that's supposed to be the best / funniest Sheldon thing yet.
enjoy the show, the clip and chocolate...
I am behind watching that show. I do LOVE it. Sheldon is my all time favorite!
Very funny show. Sheldon is my favorite too. He was up for an Emmy but didn't get it unfortunately.
that was absolutely hysterical!
Great show and great episode!!

Julie and Jersey
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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