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Poor Misty has a UTI...Im a bad Mommy :(

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Hi Everyone,
I had a feeling for a few days that Misty had a UTI. I was not sure because we have just moved to GA and in CA there was a fenced back yard and she was able to go out anytime she wanted..and she loves to be outside. So, when we moved here to my house in GA I didnt think anything about her wanting to go out alot..I have to have her on a leash now, so Im out with her each time. Well a few days ago I noticed that she was squatting alot each time we went out. I thought she may have a UTI, but since I am not really working I dont have alot of I decided to wait and see..then I though maybe it was just imagination that she was squatting alot..but last night when we wnet for a walk she was squatting at almost every yard. So I took her to the vet this morning and she has a bad UTI. I feel horrible about waiting those few days...I just wasnt sure and now I feel soooo bad. But she is now on antibiotics now, and the urine is going to be cultured to make sure she is on the right antibiotics. I just feel horrible that she has been in pain and I didnt know it and I didnt act quickly like I should have. Boy those goldens sure hide pain well...I know from experience that those UTIs HURT! :(
Im sorry this ended up to be long and rambling...thank you for reading.
If anyof you know anything I can give her to stop the pain till the antibiotics kick in I sure would ike to know! I forgot to ask the vet and she didnt offer me anything.
Well, have a great weekend and thanks for reading my LONG post.
xxoo Amy
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Dont beat yourself up, you caught it and now she is on the road to recovery. These pups are so good about hiding their pain it can be hard to tell sometimes. I dont know have any idea on what to do for pain but hopefully the antibiotics will kick in and it will get better.
I was thinking the same thing. It's so hard to tell because they hide their pain. I'm just glad you caught it when you did.
Thanks y'all! I bought soup bones for the dogs, so hopefully this takes Misty's mind off her UTI.
Don't be so hard on yourself. They hide it so well. Tasha went for bloodwork to check her liver a couple of weeks ago. The liver numbers were fine but the kidney numbers were off. The vet ran a urinalysis and it was a uti. I don't know how long she had it. I felt so bad but she had no signs. We just went back today to retest. You are a good mommy!!
Don't beat yourself up about it...Lily's had a few UTIs and when they're outside so much at this time of year it can be hard to tell. She'll like those bones and she'll be feeling fine soon!
Hugs Amy, we all know what a good mommy you are!!! All of us to go back and forth on should we or shouldn't we. You have been under a lot of change/stress lately, with so many things to think about, don't beat yourself up- she is on antibiotics and will feel better soon!!
Thanks!! She seems really happy with her bone so I feel better. :)
Hi Amy...those things happen. Nicki our old heinz57 dog was prone to UTI's. Making sure she drank plenty helped. I used to put a few drops of milk or broth in her water to make her drink a whole lot and flush out the works! Kept doing it about 2/3 cup at a time throughout the day till urine ran clear rather than visibly yellow.

I have Taegan on cranberry capsules daily to help prevent the same.

Give Misty a big hug! Sounds like you need one too!
Thanks cam's Mom :) that sounds like a great idea aobut putting s few drops of brot or milk in her water to get her to drink more! Thank you!!!...We thank you for the hugs too! :D
The antibiotics usually kick in pretty quickly, so she'll be feeling good in no time.

You are a good mommy, it's hard to know what's going on with them when they can't tell us.
Aw, poor Misty. She'll be fine in the end, though. UTI's are annoying more than anything else. :)
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