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So last Friday Lucy (3 years 65 pounds) injured her front left wrist. Literally was the last throw. Chasing a ball she kind of jumped into an embankment and injured the wrist. she was crying and limping and holding it up. Fast forward to vet X-rays shows it wasn't broken but was swollen so they though sprain.

The Vet also said "there was a slight change in the angle of one of her carpal bones. It can be seen in injuries secondary to hyper-extenion of the carpus (wrist)" and to watch for her walking "Flat on paw" as that might show signs surgery is needed for correction.

Sooooo, we've rested her and gave meds and followed recommendations but tonight we noticed that paw starting to "flatten out" its actually pretty gross and looks like the leg is bending the wrong way. She doesn't exhibit any signs that it hurts anymore then the first injury. She still limps a bit but not nearly as much as in those first few days. She's also a very tough dog who would rather play with a ball with you on four broken legs then go inside and relax.

Soooo back to vet tomorrow i guess, just wondering if all you good people out here have any experience with this sort of injury. Seen it, dealt with it, is surgery bad? recovery time? prone to re-injury? price?

Any advice will help, we just feel so bad for our little girl....


Scott & Kim
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