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poop after meal/whining in crate

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Hi everyone:
Boca is 10weeks now and he poops about 2-3 times after every meal on average, is this normal? I'm feeding him Orijen Large Breed Puppy food,he usually poops within 15mins after each meal but he need to do it twice or sometimes three times!(like poop-->play for 10mins-->poop again-->play again-->poop again!)
Another issue i got is everytime i put him in the crate he starts whining, I tried lots of methods discussed on the internet but none of them is working, but Boca only whines and cries for less than 2mins usually (from the 2nd day he gets home), its been almost 2 weeks but things havn't changed, will he eventually grow out of it?
Thanks for help!
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Might be eating to fast/too much at one time. It's normal to poop 15-20 mins after eating.
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