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I have a 5 year old Chihuahua named Lizzie. Since Sunday morning she has not been acting right :(

Sunday morning: Soft stool
Sunday Night: Bloody, mucusy diarrhea, not eating and vomiting

I brought her to work with me monday, they got a fecal, urine and took blood. All came back normal

Monday night: soft stool, vomiting, not eating
Tuesday: No pooping, not eating
Wednesday: Not eating, Diarrhea
Thursday: Ate in the morning!! Diarrhea at night and vomiting

Today I'm taking her in for x rays and possibly more blood. She is currently on no meds since I gave her a dewormer, metro and panacure and she had an allergic reaction to something...we aren't sure what it was.

I want her to be all better. I spent this morning laying with her crying. I don't know what's wrong :(
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