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Please help us

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we have a golden and or vet said he has lymphoma cancer and going down hill
fast we are giving him shots weekly they were helping the first couple of weeks he started eating and drinking again but now the shot is not working i am laid off and can't afford to do anything really expenceive for him.are vet said they have removed these lumps before on other dogs but just come back so it would not be anygood for him we love are goldens and don't know what to do are there any vets on this site that have a different oppinion thanks
any advice is urgent and greatly needed and his time is fading fast thanks so much mark and mary
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In fear of sounding cold, if your golden is a senior, it might be time to let him go. You mentioned the shots are no longer helping so he may be past the time to hope for remission. I lost my golden this past July, that call to the vet for her final appointment was the hardest call I've ever made. She was almost 14 y.o. I'm comforted knowing she's young and healthy again running and playing at Rainbow Bridge.
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